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Jacqui lambie returns to parliament with government demands after 'nasty' comments that'sick' Liberal MP has caused backlash among MPs

Senator Jacqui Lambie has apologised for her remarks in the House of Representatives on Thursday night, saying her comments made 'a bit of a nasty noise' in the House and that she was "shocked" by the backlash.

The LNP senator, who was sworn in as a Liberal MP on Thursday, appeared in the Upper House shortly after 2pm and made a series of controversial comments, including that women are not as smart as men and that men are "always going to be the best leaders".

But the comments, which were picked up by the ABC, prompted a barrage of comments from the parliamentary gallery, which erupted into a heated debate.

One, John Day, slammed Senator Lambie for her comments.

"It's no shock, ladies and gentlemen, that she's going through the motions of a lot of damage control. It has been a long road," Day told the ABC.

"To her to say that women were all 'cute' and 'choc-a-bun' â“ she is the kind of person that will go and bang up a woman's head," he said.

A petition against Senator Lambie gained more than 20,000 signatures before it was declared unconstitutional by an appeals court on Thursday.

Senator Lambie later tweeted: "To the people of Northern Territory, that's how it is. No-one likes you... but we will hold your voice accountable for your actions.

"And to the people of Australia, my apologies. This was a pretty rude and offensive comment about women."

The comments sparked fierce criticism from MPs, including the Nationals MP Malcolm Roberts, who called her a "slut".

"You've got a party that talks about the 'lionesses of the world', who are all cute," Mr Roberts said on Q&A.

One Twitter user, Andrew Leppig, called for Senator Lambie's resignation, saying she had become the poster boy for gender discrimination.

Senator Lambie's statement read in part: "In the course of this debate, there have been repeated allegations of sexism that have been levelled at women in parliament. The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), through its expert group of expert witnesses, has investigated some of these allegations and found that these accusations are categorically untrue.

"However, one of the more controversial matters which the AHRC has examined is whether members are entitled to the protection of the Human Rights Protection Orders (HPROs). A number of claims have been made about members of the public alleging that members of the public have threatened, insulted or otherwise used derogator

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New central qld statistics released by CCDA shows the worst-affected suburbs for alcohol related crashes. Courtesy: Crime Commission Australia

AUSTRALIAN police are investigating a series of fatal alcohol-related incidents involving drivers in the southern state over the course of the year, including an eight-vehicle accident in the state's north on Friday morning.

Police said they had arrested one person in a four-vehicle collision with a white BMW in the inner west of the state on Wednesday night, and were following up with a two-person investigation into an accident involving a white Ford Fiesta around 5.30am on Thursday.

A six-vehicle collision also broke up on the Gold Coast on Friday morning, but no-one was injured.

The latest incident is the second fatal crash involving a white Ford Fiesta near Goulburn early on the first half of 2016, when a passenger was killed after the vehicle ran a red light with head and neck damage.

A police spokesman said it was believed it had been "a one-off incident involving a white Ford Fiesta".

"This is one of the factors that make these types of crashes so dangerous," he said.

The driver of the Ford Fiesta, who has since been released, was "very intoxicated", police said, adding that it "was clearly a dangerous combination" of alcohol and the weather.

media_camera The driver of a white Ford Fiesta in the Goulburn town of Gold Creek and a black BMW were involved in a fatal accident. Picture: ABC News

"Police continue to actively investigate this matter," the spokesman said.

The other car involved was a black BMW in the area, which also ran the red light, but no-one was seriously injured in the incident.

But the driver of a white BMW, who does not want his name revealed, told the ABC that he and his friend went to buy beer before heading back to their home in the Gold Coast.

"We parked there and we decided to stop here because I thought we might miss a red light, which was why we didn't go back a few minutes later," he said.

Mr Johnson has been leading the investigation into alcohol-related driving in Goulburn.

A similar incident at the town of Glenwood also involved the BMW, which the black BMW is believed to have swerved in a dangerous way and hit the white BMW at speeds up to 50km/h in a "distinctive manner".

media_camera In October, drivers at the intersection of The Mound and Glenwood Road smashed their BMWs, which was hit by a blue car and stopped by police after its light illuminated. Picture: ABC News

According to his brother


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